Short-Term Rehabilitation

Our rehabilitation program is designed to maximize the functional abilities of our residents, enabling them to recover and reach their highest level of independence possible.  Whether you’re recovering from surgery or a serious illness, our dedicated team of skilled professionals will help you recover as quickly as possible and return to independent living.  Focus Rehabilitation & Nursing – Senior Living is able to handle residents with complex medical conditions and issues that require a higher level of care.

Focus’s advanced on-site clinical services make us a leading rehabilitation center, catering to a wide spectrum of resident needs.  Our beautifully decorated state of the art rehab department is staffed by a team of top rated physical, occupational and speech therapists.  All therapies are offered 5 days a week to accelerate recovery times.

Our rehab program has significant experience and expertise in the following specialized areas:

  • Wound Care – For the treatment and management of complex wound care, we have a Wound Certified Physician consultant on staff allowing us to perform in-house debridement of wounds (stages I – IV).  We are also able to use a Wound Vac to assist healing chronic or complex wounds.
  • Bariatric Care – Focus Rehabilitation & Nursing – Senior Living has developed a specialty in bariatric care and obesity management.  Our facility has specialized equipment including wheelchairs, beds, mattresses, and lifts designed for the comfort of bariatric residents.  Our staff can work with pre and post surgery patients, providing physical and psychological care.   Our therapists are trained to motivate the bariatric resident and help them achieve their optimal level of function.
  • Cardiac Care – Our cardiac rehabilitation program not only helps individuals recover from cardiac ailments and/or surgery, it also helps individuals lead a heart-healthier lifestyle to reduce the risk of future heart problems.  Consisting of more than just traditional rehab and exercise, our cardiac rehabilitation focuses on creating a cardiac diet, teaching strategies for heart healthy nutrition and stress reduction.  Many of our nursing staff are trained in acute cardiac care and our management team is fully knowledgeable in cardiac care.
  • Stroke Recovery – Focus has specially trained nursing personnel and rehabilitation teams that are skilled in physical, occupational and speech therapies necessary for stroke recovery. Every resident recovering from a stroke is given an individualized treatment plan designed to facilitate a quick recovery and help the resident maximize independence.