Bob’s Big Trip to Sandy Creek

Bob moved from Sandy Creek, NY to Utica in September of 2012.  The Focus Rehabilitation & Nursing Center family assisted him since he was no longer able to live alone.  Bob often worried about who would care for his horse and his ill daughter.

When Executive Director Jeff Emhof came to Focus Utica he met Bob and quickly learned of Bob’s concerns.  Staff were able to arrange for Bob and his friend Shirley to take a day trip to Sandy Creek with Mr. Emhof and his wife.  The foursome enjoyed the scenery throughout the 1 ½ hour trip to Sandy Creek.   They met one of Bob’s daughters at the Sandy Creek Diner for a memorable meal and time of sharing.  Bob’s daughter assured him that her health had improved.  She told her dad, “You don’t need to worry about me!”

Bob was pleasantly surprised when three gentlemen in a booth near his table called over to him, “Bob?  Is that you?”  The men enjoyed some reminiscing and laughs before dinner was served.

After dinner, Bob picked up his guitar at his daughter’s house to bring back to Focus Utica.  He then popped in at a market nearby to surprise his granddaughter who manages the deli. Bob was hoping to see his horse in nearby Pulaski, but it was not where he expected it to be.

Although Spring rains fell most of the day, nothing could dampen Bob and Shirley’s spirits. The big trip to Sandy Creek couldn’t have been better.  Mr. Emhof commented, “Focus Utica strives to make each day special for those living here.  Helping elders achieve their goals and live their dreams brings a smile to all of us—not to mention the memories we make.”

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